My fosdem 2010 talk

As promised after the talk, these are the slides I presented this morning. I had great feedback from the audience, thank you. Thanks vinnov for the picture :-)

ptxArchiver 0.3

ptxArchiver 0.3 is out. I added the possibility to not insert the delete statement in the binlog for replication. I also fixed some minor bugs. give it a try and send me your feedback :)

Drupal updated !

I was very late to update my own site ! Yesterday I was still running drupal 5.3 !! (shame on me). Now the site is updated and runs the latest version of drupal 6.x I'm very happy with this upgrade and I took the opportunity to change the theme; this time I use a nice (to my opinion) theme provided by drupal : fervens

Fosdem 2k10

I'll be at Fosdem 2k10 ! You could meet me at the beer event of Friday, I'll also be at the Devops dinner, everybody interested in the Devops talk can join (you can still choose for the place here) I'll also attend the MySQL & Friends meetup on Saturday night. During the conferences, you could find me in front of the O'reilly stand or in the Fedora or MySQL devroom. On Sunday I'll give a talk in the MySQL devroom : Daily maintenance of big tables. I hope to see you there :)

Fedora 12 on mac book pro 13″ …. with sound ! (updated)

On my new mac book pro 13inch, I decided to install Fedora 12 for my daily use (I like Mac OSX but not for work) and as GNU/Linux consultant I need my dear lovely Linux laptop :-) But out of the box 3D support for the video card is not supported nouveau (open source nvidia driver) and the WIFI is also not working. Using rpmfusion I've installed kmod-nvidia and kmod-wl and it works fine. (YOU STILL NEED TO INSTALL THEM, even with the packages bellow, the current packages are : kmod-nvidia-190.42-1.fc12.9.x86_64.rpm and kmod-wl- But (there is always a but it seems) the nothing comes out of my speakers or headphones... (Whhhyyyyyyy!!!?). Due to a lack of time and a reasonable level of frustration, I stayed several weeks with my new brand silent laptop.
00:08.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)
This is the ouput of the sound preferences : and in alsamixer : I finally decided to have a deeper look to my problem (frustration level reached the limit :-P ) I installed the kernel from rawhide (kernel- but of course no driver for nvidia video card and wifi available for that kernel :'-( (I told you there is always a but)

UPDATE: that kernel is not more available (seems to be updated while writing this post), new packages are now attached at the end of this post for kernel-

So I recreated the rpms to support them. You just need to install them and add the following line to /etc/modprobe.d/sound :
options snd_hda_intel model=intel-alc889a
Reboot, check sound preferences: Increase the volume and unmute in alsamixer, save it and enjoy (no more but !) :) For those looking how to turn on the lights of the keyboard, just try this :
echo X > /sys/devices/platform/applesmc.768/leds/smc::kbd_backlight/brightness

X is a value from 0 to 255

Wanna test openERP on Fedora or CentOS ?

Hello, If you want to test the latest version of openERP (5.0.6) on Fedora 12 or CentOS 5, you can try the package available on inuits repo (some other packages for other projects will be available too) :-) Those packages are still in development, don't hesitate to send me feedback. How to setup the repository : edit /etc/yum.repos.d/inuits.repo with (for Fedora):
 name=RPM Inuits repository Fedora $releasever
Don't forget to import the GPG key (you can find it here
 rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-inuits

Open Source et logiciels libres, l’entreprise en liberté ?

Today I was attending a conference in Mons (Belgium) from libre-tic about open source software, free (as freedom) the enterprise ? To be honest I was disappointed, the conference didn't achieve my expectations. (and I don't talk about the lack of WIFI or the massive use of windope vista) The majority of the speakers didn't convince me, they didn't really focus on the subject of "l'entreprise en liberté". We had examples of people using FLOSS to make business, to retrieve money from Europe but they don't contribute to the community and they even seem proud of it ! A nice initiative is intelli-n TV, even if they didn't know yet the FOSDEM, we invite them to it. Of course some speakers were great : - Robert Viseur talking about the licenses and the economical models - Fabien Pinckaers, CEO of OpenERP, explained his economical model and showed an amazing demo of his product (it's really time that I invest more time in it!) - the presentation of a company that contribute to the community of Alfresco with mailmanagement solution I was also interested about the presentation of TechnoCité form Gilles Betrand. The great idea was to ask to a radio animator (Cédric Godart) to animate the discussion, but to be honest there was not really a debate due to timing and interest of the presentations. Something I don't understand is how the organization selected the speakers, there was people from the South of France defending a nice open source product (lundi matin business) but that can't be used in Belgium. On there are 96 open source companies referenced and certainly many real players and not only users acting as a open source company. I was happy anyway too spend that day with Gildas and Alain.

ptxArchiver 0.2

for those that are using ptxArchiver, this is a new version. zipkid added the timestamp when the archiving is done on files (to not override them)

dstat and my.cnf

What a surprise, this week-end I received I very nice email asking me some help on the plugins I wrote for dstat. I wrote them more then 2 years ago while listening to Linus Torvalds in Cambridge :) The request was to enable the read of the password and user from the my.cnf file instead of exporting them in environment variables. Here are the patch for the release 7.x (fedora) and 6.x (centos 5.3) The patch is only for one of the plugin, but it's easy to apply it to all of them.

ptxArchiver 0.1 released !

ptxArchiver 0.1 is released, this tool uses mk-archiver from maatkit to archive tables into another table, a file or simply purged BUT it follows the foreign keys defined in a config file and archive then the linked table. Feel free to test it and report improvements, comments, encouragement :) Special thanks to zipkid for the help reviewing some code.

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