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GTG 0.3

Getting Things GNOME! has been released on November 6th but I was able to test it only tonight 😉

So far, I’m very pleased by this release and to be honest this seems to be the first time synchronization with Remember the Milk is working (I used it on my n900 and I plan to use it know on my android…. but I need to wait 22h before next sync)

I’ve also installed the integration with gnome-shell very quickly and it seems awesome !

The development team as done a very nice job…

If you plan to test it, I’ve packaged this release for Fedora 17.

Percona Playback rpm for CentOS

If you have recently read Stewart’s blog post on mysqlperformanceblog, related to Percona Playback and you wanted to test it but you were too lame^H^H^H^Hbusy to compile it (or it was just not an option), I’ve made an CentOS 6 rpm just for you 😉

I hope this helps !

PS: those packages have not been tested yet but you can replace mysql-libs by Percona-Server-shared-compat

Thomas Vander Stichele made my day

Since a while, everyday at 8pm, my N900 was complaining because it wasn’t able to sync one of my calendar (my corporate google calendar). I never really paid attention… but yesterday I decided to fix this.

The calendar sync is done using erminig-ng.

My first action was to save the backtrace and have a look at it… I could understand that a integer was provided where the code was expecting a string.

So before fixing this, I decided to get the last source code… mmm… and then the github reposirory of thomasvs made my day ! Indeed this guy already fixed the problem and explains that on his blog. He also provides a package to update erminig-ng on the phone 🙂

Thank you Thomas to not letting me reinventing the wheel !

Ignite talks with impress!ve

During last devopsdays in Hamburg, Gildas presented a session of ignite talks.
He was using impress!ve but it seems the software was not really designed for that purpose: you should have manually defined the duration of the session but also calculate the duration of each slides…

I decided then to patch this very nice product to fit the “ignite” needs 🙂

The proposed patch automatically calculate the duration of the slides and add the a countdown for the slide display + the slide number. (see screenshots)

New argument :

$ impressive --ignite 5m MySQL-spider.pdf

banquise has been released !

banquise (yet another package manager) is now released ! 🙂

The website is online : www.banquise.be

This is a server/client application both written in python. The server is written with django.

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