Deploy to OCI

From this page, if you have an OCI account, you are able to easily deploy some solutions using MySQL Database Service (MDS).

The deployment uses OCI Resource Manager: stacks are deployed using Terraform.

The Terraform modules and the stack sources are available on GitHub.

WordPress[1], [2], [3]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Drupal[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Joomla[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Magento[1], [2]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
CiviCRM for WordPress[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
PHPMyAdmin[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Moodle[1], [2]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Matomo[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Lamp[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Multi Region Replica[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Apache Superset[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Apache Zeppelin[1], [2]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
Apache Airflow[1]Deploy to Oracle Cloud
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