Deploying Apache Airflow on OCI with MySQL HeatWave Database Service

Apache Airflow is an open-source workflow management platform for data engineering pipelines.

Today we will see how we can deploy very easily Apache Airflow on a Compute instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using MySQL HeatWave Database Service (MDS).

I am sharing Terraform modules you can use to deploy in your architecture:


With the modules you can deploy architectures like these:

with a single MDS instance
with MDS High Availability
with HeatWave Cluster

We will use the exact same modules built into a stack for OCI’s Resource Manager. This will allow us to deploy the architecture just in few clicks.


We open in a browser the following GitHub repository: and we click on the Deploy to Oracle Cloud button:

If you have already an OCI account and you are logged in Oracle Cloud’s console, you will see the following screen and you need to accept the Oracle Terms of Use:

If you don’t have an account yet, I encourage you to get a free account with $300 credits to test HeatWave, click here !

Once the Term of Use accepted, the form will be filled and you can modify some entries and click next when ready:

Se second Wizard’s screen is dedicated to the variables. There are already several default values. You can of course change them. This is in this section that you also decide which architecture you want to deploy (single MDS instance, HA, HeatWave):

Some fields are not yet filled and are mandatory like the email address of the airflow admin user:

If you don’t want to immediately deploy a HeatWave Cluster, you can still do it later but you must use a compatible shape already:

After the reviewing the information, you can Create the stack and Apply the job to deploy the resources:


OCI’s Resource Manager starts deploying all the resources. You can follow the logs and when finished you can see the output information you need to connect to Airflow:

You can always retrieve the useful output values for the Job from the Outputs section:


Now you can connect to Airflow using the credentials you entered in the stack wizard:

Airflow is using mysql-connector-python to connect to MDS.

Please note that for the moment, deploying airflow on Arm does not work, there are some pip dependencies not building. So please pay attention to not use the Ampere shape for the airflow compute instance.

Yet another nice open source program using MySQL Database Service deployed on OCI very quickly !

Enjoy MySQL, MySQL HeatWave Database Service and Apache Airflow !

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