MySQL Books

This page contains a list of recommended books related to MySQL that are certainly valuable additions to any MySQL user’s library.

MySQL Concurrency
Jesper Wisborg Krogh, 2021
MySQL 8 Query Performance Tuning
Jesper Wisborg Krogh, 2020
MySQL 8.0 - Operations and Optimization
Scott Yao, 2022
Efficien MySQL Performance
Daniel Nichter, 2021
MySQL Cookbook, fourth edition
Sveta Smirnova & Alkin Tezuysal, 2022
Thomas Pettit & Scott Cosentino, 2022

Vinicius M. Grippa & Sergey Kuzmichev

If you are writing a book and you are looking for a reviewer or if you have written a book and you think it should be in this list, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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