MySQL Books: MySQL Cookbook 4th Edition

The fourth edition of the MySQL Cookbook, solutions for database developers and administrators is a huge book, 938 pages !

And the least we can say is that you get what you pay for !

This book is an excellent resource for anyone working with MySQL, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer. The book provides a comprehensive collection of recipes that address various aspects of database management using MySQL.

Sveta and Alkin made an excellent job regrouping tips collected during many years of operating MySQL and helping users through support.

The book provides a list of solutions to the problems that every DBA faces regularly.

As MySQL is improving fast with the MySQL 8.0 release cycle, the authors are also helping to keep up with those changes that make easier DBA’s life.

The book is full of examples that will help beginners and advanced MySQL users and I really think the chapters about JSON and MySQL Shell will be very helpful to all readers.

There are so many of topics covered. These are an example of recipes you can find in the book:

  • Using the Admin API to Automate Replication Management
  • Finding Mismatches Between Tables
  • Checking Password Strength
  • Converting JSON into Relational Format
  • Creating JSON form Relational Format
  • Filling Test Data Using Python’s Data Science Modules

And much more going from High Availability to Backups and much, much more !

Whether you’re looking to optimize queries, implement replication, or manage security, you’ll find a recipe that addresses your needs.

Overall, the MySQL Cookbook, 4th Edition, is an excellent resource for anyone working with MySQL. This book is definitely a valuable addition to any MySQL user’s library.

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