Deploying Drupal in OCI using MDS: the easy way !

If you plan to deploy a Drupal site to OCI using MySQL Database Service, there is a very easy way to perform that deployment: using OCI’s Resource Manager !

As you know, security is something very important for Oracle in OCI, therefor, exposing the database on the Internet is not allowed.

Even if you are not using OCI, I really recommend you to follow that principle and never expose your database to Internet !

I already cover this in many previous posts. But I also understand that for people not being a sysadmin, this can be complicated the first time.

That’s why, all this can be automated using a stack to deploy in Resource Manager.

The first thing to do when you have your OCI account, it’s to download the stack from GitHub:

Then in OCI’s dashboard, just select “Resource Manager” and create a new stack where you will upload the previously downloaded zip file:

You need to fill some variables like the passwords:

When saved, you are ready to apply a job to deploy your architecture on OCI:

When the deployment is finished, in the logs or in the output variables of the job, you will have the public ip of your Drupal instance. Just enter it in your browser and finish the installation of Drupal.

You can see this in action in the following video:

As you can see, it’s very easy to deploy any type of solution on OCI using MySQL Database Service.

This is the list of the stacks I created for an easy deployment on OCI:

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