Welcome to Dolphie !

There are plenty GUI and Web application used to monitor a MySQL server. But if you are long time MySQL DBA, you might have used (and abused) Innotop !

I loved it ! And I even became maintainer of it. This particular task became more and more complicated with the different forks and their differences. Also, let’s be honest, Perl saved my life so many times in the past… but this was in the past. These days, having Perl on a system is more complicated.

But Innotop is still very popular in the MySQL world and to help me maintaining it, I would like to welcome a new member in the maintainer group: yoku0825. Tsubasa Tanaka has been a long time user and contributor of Innotop and I’m sure will keep to good work.

I’ve tried to find an alternative to Innotop, and I even wrote my own clone in Go for MySQL 8.0: innotopgo. But some limitations of the framework I used affected my motivation…

But some time ago, Charles Thompson contacted me about a new tool he was writing. He was looking for feedback.

The tool was very promising and finally this week he released it !

The tool is written in Python 3 and it’s very easy to modify it to contribute code.

Dolphie, the name of the tool, is available on GitHub and can easily be installed using pip:

$ pip install dolphie

Dolphie is already very complete and supports several new features available in MySQL 8.0.

For example I do like the Transaction History, that display the statement that were done inside a running transaction:

Initial Dashboard

Dolphie also integrates the error log from Performance_Schema:

And it also allows searches:


Dolphie also provides some very interesting trending graphs that can be used to look at performance issues.

This is an example:

The best way to discover all its possibilities is to install and test it.


Dolphie is a brand new Open Source (GPLv3) tool for MySQL DBAs, made for the Community by the Community. It’s very easy to get involved, as Dolphie is written in Python, and Charles, its author, is very responsive in implementing features and solving problems.

I really encourage you to test it, submit bugs, feature requests and, of course, contributions !

Welcome Dolphie and long life !

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