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GTG 0.3

Getting Things GNOME! has been released on November 6th but I was able to test it only tonight ;-) So far, I'm very pleased by this release and to be honest this seems to be the first time synchronization with Remember the Milk is working (I used it on my n900 and I plan to use it know on my android.... but I need to wait 22h before next sync) I've also installed the integration with gnome-shell very quickly and it seems awesome ! The development team as done a very nice job... If you plan to test it, I've packaged this release for Fedora 17.

Thomas Vander Stichele made my day

Since a while, everyday at 8pm, my N900 was complaining because it wasn't able to sync one of my calendar (my corporate google calendar). I never really paid attention... but yesterday I decided to fix this. The calendar sync is done using erminig-ng. My first action was to save the backtrace and have a look at it... I could understand that a integer was provided where the code was expecting a string. So before fixing this, I decided to get the last source code... mmm... and then the github reposirory of thomasvs made my day ! Indeed this guy already fixed the problem and explains that on his blog. He also provides a package to update erminig-ng on the phone :-) Thank you Thomas to not letting me reinventing the wheel !

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