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Ignite talks with impress!ve

During last devopsdays in Hamburg, Gildas presented a session of ignite talks. He was using impress!ve but it seems the software was not really designed for that purpose: you should have manually defined the duration of the session but also calculate the duration of each slides... I decided then to patch this very nice product to fit the "ignite" needs :) The proposed patch automatically calculate the duration of the slides and add the a countdown for the slide display + the slide number. (see screenshots) New argument :
$ impressive --ignite 5m MySQL-spider.pdf

ptxArchiver 0.3

ptxArchiver 0.3 is out. I added the possibility to not insert the delete statement in the binlog for replication. I also fixed some minor bugs. give it a try and send me your feedback :)

dstat and my.cnf

What a surprise, this week-end I received I very nice email asking me some help on the plugins I wrote for dstat. I wrote them more then 2 years ago while listening to Linus Torvalds in Cambridge :) The request was to enable the read of the password and user from the my.cnf file instead of exporting them in environment variables. Here are the patch for the release 7.x (fedora) and 6.x (centos 5.3) The patch is only for one of the plugin, but it's easy to apply it to all of them.