Percona Playback – new non official rpm for CentOS


Recently (yesterday), I faced a problem with percona-playback when I tried to use a slow query log (captured on a customer’s server) and it fails dramatically. The log files was 2.3G and the second query was already returning an error 🙁

I seemed that I hit a bug that Aurimas, my colleague at Percona, already reported (bug 1035217): queries written on multi lines don’t work !

My C++ knowledge is very old and also very limited, so I tried to understand and fix this issue myself. Mushu (dbasquare) already faced this problem and started to fix it before giving up as he needed to run it on Slowaris… Gently he sent me his patch that I modified to support my slow query log:

  • queries on multi-lines
  • queries being only a ; (semi-colon)
  • queries finishing by another character than ; (with comments for example)

Attached to this post, you can find the rpm for CentOS 6 including that patch.

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