Tip: vi and lowercase/uppercase

As always I use my blog as reminder of some useful commands or tips. This one is for dimi, to change the case of a full document in vi, use the following command to transform everything in lowercase : <ESC>:%s/.*/\L&/ and in uppercase : <ESC>:%s/.*/\U&/ I hope this helps ;)

IM proxy

For sure you will think that I'm a bit crazy, but as I'll become father in some months (in April) I was already (a bit soon for sure) thinking about the difficulties to protect children on the Internet. Of course for web content, I'm able to setup a transparent proxy-cache (Squid) with squidgard etc... But for IM ? Do I have an alternative ? So I searched a bit on freshmeat and I found a project that answers to all my expectations : IMspector ! The project has really nice features like : - logs - replacement of some words - acl's

New blog

Hello as you can see, I'm moving my old websites, I'm "consolidating" my old plain html and my blog in dotclear to drupal. But I don't have a lot of time, the migration would take some time...

wascii add-on

Since the beginning of the week I'm using wascii from Dag Wieers, I'm very happy with it but something was really missing for a power daily use : a search function !

So yesterday night I wrote that search add-on using Zend Framework. It perfroms a fulltext search using Lucene.

This is a screenshot :

EuroConf 2007…

Some more pics of me at the conference and I hope you recognize the famous person on the last picture ! :-)

The man who changed the world :


We were placed in an old college, it was like Harry Potter but smaller.

The breakfast room was very nice with the portraits of the former directors all around.

I was also very surprised to see how small are the house's doors in Cambridge.

But's a very nice city ! I enjoyed my stay there.

LinuxConf Europe 2007 in Cambridge

This a bit a late entry but I was so busy with holidays, new job and the announce of a future new GNU/Linux user (for april, see his/her blog).

So I was in Cambridge for the LinuxConf Europe 2007 from 1st to 5th September.

The conferences were very nice, the level of the technical talks was high and I appreciated it :-)

SIP solution


I'm looking for a nice sip solution to use for home and business purpose.

Currently I'm testing :

- skype - wengophone - gizmo - ekiga

The goal is to be able to discuss in real time. The webcam support and multiplatform is an advantage.

So here is the results of my first tests :

skype :