swfdec and amfphp

I was a bit too optimist on my last post about swfdec and firefox. It seems that amfphp (at least the browser) is not workig with that flash plugin. So I re-installed the flash-plugin of adobe. Tip : I had to install nspluginwrapper but both architecture 32 and 64 bits packages. Then I ran
mozilla-plugin-config -i -g -v

Moving to Fedora 9

Today I moved to Fedora 9. First impression : It seems nice, it's fast. The only bad point is the quality of the graphics rendering during the installation, on my Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller, the buttons and the text fields were not complete :( I'm using now swfdec for flash in Firefox and it's ok with nba.com so I'm happy. I find also nice that to enable a flash animation a click on it is needed, I hope it safes some cpu usage ;) As usually, when I install a new Fedora, I always do a fresh install. I found two nice projects that helped me in my task to recover my login and passwords : - password exporter (for Firefox) : http://code.google.com/p/passwordexporter/ - GNOME Keyring XML Import/Export Library (for all my gnome applications using keyring) : http://www.seekline.net/gnome-keyring-xml/ I'll come back later on my feeling about Fedora 9, let's use it a bit...


I bought the Gnu Linux Magazine / France on Mail server but it was a big disillusion :( Usually those magazines are very nice and full of good tips and tricks. But not this time, I was expecting to find a lot of tools to fight spams... but the only topic related is MailScanner (which is a very good product that I use daily). The only MTA reviewed is exim, nothing about postfix, sendmail, qmail... for a special number it's a bit too few. The first 19 pages (of 70) are only related of theory rfc's and mime, maybe too much... Something I regret too is that at the end of the magazine there are articles about Xen, Zone0 and Jabber, I think the following topics would be nicer : - greylisting - sare - mailwatch (very nice frontend for mailscanner) - ocr for spams So nothing really new in that magazine, my notation is 3/10

Gnome gvfs a step behind ?

Today I had a bad surprise, at one customer, deploying Linux on desktop, they had some issues with samba shares access: no more shortcuts in places menu for the samba shares. This was due to the update of ubuntu from gusty to hardy. The problem is that now nautilus 2.22 is provided and this release use gvfs instead of gnome-vfs. Before that upgrade we decided to add some "share access" via gconf, this was perfect as it was added in /etc/profile. example : gconftool-2 --set --type=string /desktop/gnome/connected_servers/1/display_name 'public on samba' gconftool-2 --set --type=string /desktop/gnome/connected_servers/1/icon 'gnome-fs-smb' gconftool-2 --set --type=string /desktop/gnome/connected_servers/1/uri "smb://domain;$USERNAME@samba/public" This is not more possibe :'-( Ok let's try then to use bookmarks... but the problem is that the login is not used even if forced when the share is also public. The customer use a big public folder and acl's. So the only solution I had was to setup the share with
 public = no
to make it works and request a login and password. For massive desktop implementation, I preferred the gconf medthod. Maybe somebody could hack gvfs to force a user even on a public share.

DrupalCampParis2: 19 april 2008

DrupalCampParis 2 is an opportunity to promote Drupal in the "Francophonie" and then in the South of our little country as Joeri says in his post. Pour ceux qui veulent accroître leurs connaissances en Drupal, ils pourrons assister à DrupalCampParis 2 où les sessions seront en français et en anglais. Peut-être que cette conférence éveillera des vocations de contributeur à drupal.be en français ?

Sooner is better….

Since always, I believe that the best way of educating people to use and think opensource, this should happen early at school. M$ knows that and since long time now they provide computers for schools, adult users of tomorrow are the children of today. M$ now starts even earlier, look at this ! Bah... I've already a bunch of books with penguins for my daughter ;-)

Audacity and Fedora 8

I've tried today to use audacity for the first time since I'm using Fedora 8. What a disappointment: no sound ! I checked in preferences and none of these options were working : I started then audacity using the following command line : $ pasuspender audacity I could consequently hear some output and many different sources in preferences : I'm ready now to work on my favorites sounds... [1] Audacity [2] Fedora

MySQL proxies

I've tested last night two proxies for MySQL : MySQL-Proxy and Dormando's Proxy for MySQL. Both are working, but I still don't see really the advantage of using DPM over MySQL-Proxy, maybe I should make more tests but deploying MySQL-Proxy was easier as you define the backends as arguments in command line. I plan to use a MySQL proxy in production as load-balancer in combination with replication and redirect all DML queries to the master. Does one of you already use one of those two projects in production, what's your feedback ? You can also find more information on DLM here. It would be maybe nice to have a kind of buffer if for any reasons the backends servers are not responding ?

Nagios JBoss Check

As I had to monitor some JBoss servers and as there are some memory leaks in the program, the monitoring in Nagios of the Garbage Collector is very important. I've found some jmx script on JBoss wiki, but I was not happy with it. So I rewrite it to use twiddle.sh with the attributes I needed. I had also to modify twiddle.sh to remove the logging capability (that was causing permission error) : # diff twiddle.sh twiddleFred.sh 58c58 < JBOSS_CLASSPATH="$JBOSS_CLASSPATH:$JBOSS_HOME/client/log4j.jar" --- > # removed to avoid log file JBOSS_CLASSPATH="$JBOSS_CLASSPATH:$JBOSS_HOME/client/log4j.jar" Those are the nrpe test I implemented : # check Perm Gen command[check_jbosspem]=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_jbosspem 4 jboss.system:type=ServerInfo listMemoryPools "Perm Gen" 70 90 # check Old Gen (Heap Memory) command[check_jbossoldgen]=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_jbosspem 4 jboss.system:type=ServerInfo listMemoryPools "Old Gen" 85 95