MySQL Day – Sessions review #1


On February 3rd, just before Fosdem and the MySQL & Friends Devroom, MySQL’s Community Team is organizing the pre-Fosdem MySQL Day. We increased the amount of seats, so there are still some tickets available, don’t hesitate to register, this will provide you a unique occasion to meet MySQL engineers from Oracle in Europe. We also have very famous speakers from Percona and

Peter Zaitsev himself will deliver a session !

Let’s start this articles series on MySQL Day with my predecessor as MySQL Community Manager and now Product Manager for MySQL Server: Morgan Tocker !

Morgan will open the MySQL Day with a session on MySQL 8.0 Server Defaults:

Starting with MySQL 5.6 there has been a renewed focus in making sure that MySQL has a good out-of-the-box experience. This has resulted in changes such as strict mode being enabled, and sync_binlog on by default.
This presentation follows the evolution of the changes proposed for MySQL 8.0, first blogged about

The session will explain the criteria by which we consider defaults, which settings we have considered so far, and which proposals we have chosen to defer for various reasons. We are looking for feedback on a number of these proposals, so audience questions are very welcome.

Registration is here !

Please use #prefosdem #mysqlday when tweeting 😉


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