MySQL Group Replication: Videocast #1


Hi !

I’m starting a small series of videocast related to MySQL Group Replication.

As I blogged earlier this year about Single-Primary or Multi-Primary Group Replication cluster, one of the limitation of using a cluster in Multi-Primary mode is the risk linked to concurrent DDLs (as ALTER STATEMENTS).

In Group Replication, DDLs are not isolating the full cluster and write operations are not blocked. But this may lead to problems if you change the same table on two different nodes at the same time for example. This is the topic of today’s videocast:

4 thoughts on “MySQL Group Replication: Videocast #1

  1. Why does tps goes to 0 post alter table ?
    Check sysbench run from 68secs-70secs. tps is reported as 0.

    1. Hi Krunal, in this particular case just because my machine can’t perform the update and keep with the load at the same time, both vm’s are running on my machine 😉

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