MySQL Day – Sessions review #2

As written yesterday, on February 3rd, just before Fosdem and the MySQL & Friends Devroom, MySQL’s Community Team is organizing the pre-Fosdem MySQL Day.

The second talk of this series is the session of Bernt Marius Johnsen: MySQL 8.0 & UnicodeWhat, why and how ?

Bernt is Senior QA Engineer in the MySQL Server Team. He’s working with QA in general but he’s also specialized in character sets and security issues. He also in charge of the development of  test tools automation.

MySQL 8.0 introduces a whole new set of Unicode collations based on Unicode 9.0 for the MySQL utf8mb4 character set. This comes in addition to the existing plethora of character sets and collations
in MySQL 5.7. What are the benefits of the new collations, and why should they be used? (And by the way: What is a collation?)

The talk will give a quick overview of MySQL 5.7 collations and character sets and related Unicode terminology before presenting the new MySQL 8.0 collations.

The session will focus on issues related to upgrades from older character sets and collations covering topics like space and speed considerations, consequences for indexes and key lengths and InnoDB storage formats, etc.

So if you are juggling with character sets all day long or if never changed them in MySQL, I think this session is made for you !

Bernt will be on stage at 10.30am, don’t forget to register for this main MySQL 8.0 event


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