hamster-time-tracker for Fedora 18


To track my time I used hamster-applet with the previous version of Fedora and I really liked it. It integrates perfectly with gtg.

This project hasn’t be ported to Fedora 18, see bug 882788. I decided then to package the latest version of the project.

The git repo is available here.

You can see some screenshots here.

If you enjoy or discover this cool project, I’m happy to make it available for Fedora 18.

[UPDATE] I added the packages for F19 😉

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14 thoughts on “hamster-time-tracker for Fedora 18

  1. I’ve been hearing many positive response regarding this tool, and yes, I am interested to give that a try. This might be the one I’ve been looking for to help me track my time and manage it efficiently.- Texas Lending

  2. This rpm indeed works well. In Gnome-shell the overview window shows as a separate programme which I am not sure is necessary. Otherwise it makes sense to include this in Fedora 18.

  3. Thanks a lot for the rpm. This *should* be added in fedora default. Any idea why it isn’t.

  4. Thanks a lot for the rpm, i’ve been using it regularly in fedora 18. Now that Fedora 19 has released (and i’ve installed it already), can you also add rpms for F19.F18 rpm should work, but an F19 one would give that warm fuzzy feeling 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the rpms.
    I’ve been using hamster for quite a while and I am very comfortable with its interface and overall capabilities, so I felt a bit frustrated and incredulous when it didn’t show up after a search in the FC19 repos. I’ve just downloaded and installed your rpm, it felt quite a relief to see the familiar interface.
    Thanks again

  6. Thanks for creating this package. Have you considered applying to maintain the package officially in the Fedora project? It seems you’re interested in having a functional version of Hamster for Fedora as you’ve been maintaining this package for a couple of versions. Having the package in Fedora allows users to more easily find and install the package and offer better security because the packages are signed by the Fedora build system. You could include the GNOME Shell extension in the rpm to provide a nice experience for users.

    Here’s some documentation to get you started if you’re interested:


    Thanks again for creating the package! Ben

    1. Hi Ben,

      thank you, I will need to read and check if it fits in my schedule, sometimes I’m very busy 🙂

      but it would be great !

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