Innotop 1.9.0 rpms for CentOS 6


Baron announced today the release of Innotop 1.9.0..

Fedora provides Innotop 1.6.0 !

I have then build rpm for CentOS 6 to test it as soon as possible !

[update]: I made a typo (see comment bellow) in the requirement of perl-TermReadKey, I’ve fixed this in innotop-1.9.0-2.

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3 thoughts on “Innotop 1.9.0 rpms for CentOS 6

  1. on centos 6.3:

    # rpm -Uvh innotop-1.9.0-1.noarch.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
    perl-TermReadkey is needed by innotop-1.9.0-1.noarch

    perl-TermReadkey shoule be perl-TermReadKey.
    key ==> Key.

    perl-TermReadKey.x86_64 : A perl module for simple terminal control

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