indexing files on cd’s or dvd’s

Dear blog readers, I'd like to find a nice (opensource !) project to be able to index all my mp3s (and oggs) that are stored on cd's or dvd's.

I don't know it they are nice project doing this.... and it should be great if the program should be able to find the author and songname of the mp3 track thanks to a checksum (vanne told me about this some time ago).

I'd also find same kind of project to index my pictures that are also stored on cd's.

Is M$ changing his point of view ?

Since new versions of Windope, it seems that it's now impossible to try to maintain his (their... check sdog's blog ;-) ) machine without using the..... COMMAND LINE !

Yes !

And much more now... the pseudo OS that tryed to ban the cmdline... now even adopted for shell : M$H !

The idea (behind Monad) is easy: Build a decent, programmable, scriptable shell language/facility. MSH is a combination of the command line abilities of a BASH shell, the richness of a programming language like Perl or Ruby, combined with the rigor and common sense of .NET

Where's gonna go the world ??

But once again we can see that M$ doesn't invent... they copy !

Waouw…. notre peuple vaincra !

our people will overcome

Tonight, after the course, I went (a know it's bad... but) to the Mc Donald, the Drive-In.

The girl behind the window (not the pseudo OS) told me : "What a nice Linux !" ;-)

Of course she was talking about the Tux on my car... I told her : "wow, not many people knows Linux." and she answered me "Everybody using a computer knows what Linux is !"... I tryed to wake up... but I was not sleeping...

Instant messagers

Some point of vue to share about instant messagers and the discovery of a new one...

hello dear blog !

To chat I use since ever irc, and I'm very happy with it ! I convinced my family and some friends to join me on irc, and since 3 or 4 years we nerver had any problems... they even think it's very usefull. But (yes there is always a but...) many other friends or relative are using others (non-)operating systems than mine and they don't even want to use IRC (loosers ! :( ) I've tryed many of them :

  • yahoo : it was funny but I don't remember why I forget it somewhere after a new install...
  • gnommeeting : cool project, with webcam support ! ... but many windope users cannot talk we me, and the firewall configuration musts change if I change pc... a bit wierd :(
  • jabber : yeah opensource, nice, etc... but... (again that but!) nobody I know use it !
  • gaim : it's cool, but it has many missing features to talk with M$N users... we arrived at the point...

Many users are using M$N :( So I decided to have a look at :

  • amsn : I'm still using this one, even if there is no webcam support, it supports emoticons ;-)

Now many M$N users use still new features like wizz(?) I don't even know what is, but amsn use it in the cvs version, I should test this...

So looking on the web I found this project : mercury, the screenshots sound great, with webcam support !! but... I never used it, I'll try it and keep you inform...

Finaly I'm still using :

  • skype: and I find this project very nice even if is not opensource :-S

So leave me comments with maybe your experiences on this topic.

lefred ;-)

Welcome to my blog

As requested by sdog to populate our future, I created my blog.

I'll try to keep it updated as possible. Now let's try it and check the possibilities of this blog engine...

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