Fedora Core 6 and Personal File Sharing


Something I discovered with Fedora Core 6 is the Personal File Sharing, even if this feature is not new, but I didn’t install it on my previous gentoo box.

So I decided to try it with a colleague, Den Raf, and we had some troubles, to set it up it’s very easy… but to use it with nautilus it wasn’t so easy…

First step: enable it :

Go into System->Preferences menu and select “Personal File Sharing” as follow :

Then you set it up as you want, with or without password etc..

That was the easy part, after this you expect to be able to see the shared files (those files are the files in your ~Public folder where links are not followed). So you go to Network and wonderful you can see all the Personal Files Shared. 😉

But once you click on it, Nautilus is not happy !!

If I check my ifconfig output, I can see that it uses ipv6 (in the screenshot it’s not from the same machine)

The only solution I found to workaround this problem is to disable ipv6, it seems that nautilus doesn’t like it.
I first tested to change the NETWORKING_IPV6 option of the file /etc/sysconfig/network from =yes to =no but without success after a network restart or even a reboot !
The solution is to add this line to /etc/modprobe.conf (thx Den Raf) :

alias net-pf-10 off

Then after a nice reboot, everything runs perfect 😉

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