IM proxy

For sure you will think that I'm a bit crazy, but as I'll become father in some months (in April) I was already (a bit soon for sure) thinking about the difficulties to protect children on the Internet. Of course for web content, I'm able to setup a transparent proxy-cache (Squid) with squidgard etc... But for IM ? Do I have an alternative ? So I searched a bit on freshmeat and I found a project that answers to all my expectations : IMspector ! The project has really nice features like : - logs - replacement of some words - acl's

New blog

Hello as you can see, I'm moving my old websites, I'm "consolidating" my old plain html and my blog in dotclear to drupal. But I don't have a lot of time, the migration would take some time...

wascii add-on

Since the beginning of the week I'm using wascii from Dag Wieers, I'm very happy with it but something was really missing for a power daily use : a search function !

So yesterday night I wrote that search add-on using Zend Framework. It perfroms a fulltext search using Lucene.

This is a screenshot :

EuroConf 2007…

Some more pics of me at the conference and I hope you recognize the famous person on the last picture ! :-)

The man who changed the world :


We were placed in an old college, it was like Harry Potter but smaller.

The breakfast room was very nice with the portraits of the former directors all around.

I was also very surprised to see how small are the house's doors in Cambridge.

But's a very nice city ! I enjoyed my stay there.

LinuxConf Europe 2007 in Cambridge

This a bit a late entry but I was so busy with holidays, new job and the announce of a future new GNU/Linux user (for april, see his/her blog).

So I was in Cambridge for the LinuxConf Europe 2007 from 1st to 5th September.

The conferences were very nice, the level of the technical talks was high and I appreciated it :-)

SIP solution


I'm looking for a nice sip solution to use for home and business purpose.

Currently I'm testing :

- skype - wengophone - gizmo - ekiga

The goal is to be able to discuss in real time. The webcam support and multiplatform is an advantage.

So here is the results of my first tests :

skype :

Clamav rocks

Being a defender of clamav since the beginning, I am very glad to see that this free antivirus defies most commercial antivirus and beat the majority of them !

According to this study, one can thus see that clamav detected the more viruses than many others: the study's result

I always advice Windows users to use the windows version of that engine on their very vulnerable "operating system" : clamwin

I use clamav in the majority of mailrelays and fileservers I install.

Thus go! the clamav team continue like that!

This news was also reported on DLFP.

Is Dell abusing with its Linux offer ?

I've read this morning on toolinux 1 that it seems that Dell is proposing Linux on laptops that you cannot buy anymore with Vista, those are on newer models. Only on one model people has the possibility to choose between both OS. Of course the Linux version is 27€ cheaper but on the Micro$oft version the transport (29€) is free... so you can have a Dell with Linux for 2€ cheaper than one giving you matter for the burning licenses party ;)

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