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Yesterday I read an article[1] on about gimp-userfiler[2], a project I tested in the earliest version.

As I’m a fan of The Gimp, I could not let it pass…

So I tested it again last night and I was very happy to see that it works… and it even works great !

The project of Jens Ch. Restemeier and Torsten Neuer allows to import Photoshop(tm) filters to The Gimp.

Here are some screenshots of importing .ffl files (from [3]) and using them:

Some examples :

I’ve also created an rpm for Fedora 9 x86_64 ( not using checkinstall 😉 )

I’m very happy with this project that improve again the value of The Gimp!

[2] gimpuserfilter
[3] Steve’s Desktop Photography
[4] gimp-plugin-userfilter-0.9.7-1.x86_64.rpm

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2 thoughts on “Gimp User Filter

  1. Hy
    i am preparing another mirror , for the windows binary just compiled by Francois Collard .

    I stumble on this page while searching doc related to the very first version b, but was a good find

    If you agree i will like to add a html copy of this page that contains useful info , to the “How to use” folder that will be included…oh well if not i may just add a link, let me know.

    P.S my mirror is not on a “serious” site as sourceforge but on Deviantart, anyway provide in my opinion a more friendly download to windows user (is mostly dedicated to plugin hard to find compiled for windows as GAP, Mathmap, Greycstoration,Fix-.C.A, and similar….mostly not only several “resources” i.e extra mathmap filters are for all OS)

    link is

    PS i do not see a link for the rpm you quote

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