Fedora 10 Beta


I tested Fedora 9 on my Eeepc 900, but wireless wasn’t working (even with livna madwifi kmod I wasn’t able to join my fon).

But before putting back the original distribution on it, I tested Fedora 10 Beta. And I was very happy with it.

I just had one day of no-productivity with it due to a bug (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=461205) that forced my to use vesa driver for my Xorg.

With this morning’s update everything runs perfectly. I even installed my favorite IM software (pidgin) and found two nice plugins for people using Facebook and/or Twitter:

– purple-facebookchat
– purple-microblog

I also recommend to use Epiphany instead of Firefox 3, the cpu eater, on an Eeepc !

So I don’t have anymore plans to re-intall xandros on my Eeepc 😀

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