A very nice product !

Wow... what a wonderful product !

Being tired of using gq that segfault every 2 times... I was searching for a good solution to retrieve and modify data from an openldap directory. (with an AD gq crashes even every time !) :(

And I found THE product I was looking for : ldapvi !!

Being a vi lover, I was very happy to find the way to modify data from an ldap directory with vi commands !

Syntax Example:

Jabber and PHP

After a chat with a colleague trying to code in python because he wanted to implement some Jabber application I decided to search some PHP solution.

I've found class.jabber.php from Nathan Fritz.

It's very easy to implement and fun to play with, I've put a sample here.

Have fun with it ;-)

Linux Desktop Firewall

Mandriva 2006 is provided with an interactive firewall available directly the desktop.

This solution is available only for mandriva at the moment but a cvs version of the deamon (mandi) is available too.

It's based on :

Watching Free TV

Nice Python project to watch free TV on the Net.

With this tool http://televidilo.bouil.org/ you can watch web streams even on fullscreen. I didn't try it yet on my own machine (I have a tv card), but I'll try it on my laptop.

Even if Belgium will not participate to the Mundial... Thanks to this program we'd maybe see some games at work if there are no firewall troubles ;-)

PHP : Objects and XML

Just some nice example to show how to create an XML output from an object. And also create an object from an XML source.

Do be able to run those example, you must install the PEAR packages called XML/Serializer.

First example, creation of the XML output:

Load balancing

Some notes on load balancing solutions.

I've planned to test the following solutions to provide load balancing.

Renaming and filling tags of audio files (part II)

Hello again dear blog,

I've done some more research on renaming and filling tags for audio files, and I also found a solution for indexing all my files into an application to retrieve on which removable media are stored my favorite songs !

To rename and to fill the tags the best choice for me is Juk and to do search on removable media I use yammi

Renaming and filling tags of audio files

Hello dear blog,

I was looking for a program to be able to rename mp3 or ogg files.

I found a nice client to MusicBrainz, it's in QT : QMBTagger

This program is also able to fill the tags. It uses some checksum and music analysis to find the good song in a huge database! Since I discovered it, I can't live without ;-)

It seems that juk also has the same feature... I will test it later.


Since today, I use a new project to manage my dvd's, divx, etc...

This program has many nice features like many imports and exports formats, use of many different web services in different languages.


I’m so sad :'(

Every one remembers "our house" or "one step beyond" !! Yes, indeed, those songs were from kings of ska : Madness.

Every summer, TF1 (commercial French TV proposing only shit : the bachelor, "greg le milionaire", "nice people", "star academy", "1

O’Reilly European Open Source Convention 2005

I want just to announce you that I was accepted as a presenter for the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention 2005 at the Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 17, 2005 - October 20, 2005.

This is the topic of my future presentation :

"Building an Extremely Mobile Thin Client Laptop"

Link to eurooscon

Cheap TV emitter ?

I saw this nice project, and I would like to share it with you : DVB-T

Of course the force of the signal is weak, but perhaps with a bit of knowledge in electronic you should amplify it...

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