SambaXP Episode 5


We started this afternoon with a very funny introduction by John Tempstra. I started it taking off his tie and the slides presenting the samba team were very funny. I hope those will be on-line soon. He called Samba : UUII (Unseen University of Incompatible Interoperability) 😉

Then we were all surprised when Howard Chu (openldap) started his very interesting presentation by playing violin !

video is here (6.5M)

During this presentation we learn a lot of openldap’s new features :

  • improvement of syncrepl
  • full multi master support
  • performance ! performance ! performance ! We show really impressive numbers into benchmarks ( OpenLDAP beats all the others ldap directories… where apacheDS is the worse !

We learned also that tcmalloc (from google) is much better than the glibc for openLDAP.

That session finished with a presentation of Samba and the GPL by Simo Sorce.

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