SambaXP Episode 1


Hello dear readers (if they are any 😉 ),

Since today I’m (with Stijn, a colleague) in Germany in Göttingen for SambaXP.
I’ll try to blog every time I have a break.

The first session of the tutorial by Jerry is very interesting but maybe a bit too fast. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to follow this session for none samba experience people.

Samba 3.0.25 will be quiet nice with a lot of nice improvements (windows management tools, new ldapsam backend properties,…)

Jerry admitted that the samba management tools provided with samba aren’t really nice and they prefer to concentrate on the protocol implementation and features. That’s why the Windows Remote Management Tools (examples were performed on Windows 2003 AD administration tools) will be used. (I definitely need a VT capable machine to be able to run Windope on Xen).

I also understood that the new ldapsam’s attributes will increase the performances and allow to bypass nss calls and maybe (I need to check?)

I also discover the ldapsam_compat user backend, that uses the Samba 2.2 onjectclass and can be sometimes usefull.

Finally we improved or debugging skills and see very nice error messages. Jerry’s favorite one seems to be “A device attached to the system is not functioning” during adding a user :-)… and we see it accidentally :

Sorry for the bad picture quality.

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