The hard reality of Belgium


I spend in average 1/6 of a day on in my car ! With all the disadvantages of that : backache, stress and the most… wasting my time 🙁

I’ve tried to leave at every hour, early morning :

late :

always with the same result :

and it’s the same to come back from work, early :

or late :

I spend 2 hours to make those 100km that splits home form work. The bad point in Belgium is that if you want to join point A to point B you ALWAYS need to pass through point R0 => Brussels Ring !!

And it’s the same on the East or the West side of it :

When will our Minister of Immobility try to find some solutions ??

The only good point is that if cars interest you, you can see some nice one :

but the better point is that these (flash) are not annoying you :

The only two solutions I found are :

  • leaving home at 5h40 to drive only 50 minutes
  • go with my motorbike but it’s expensive and not every time possible 🙁

Thanks to raskas for this picture 😉

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