Bad day for PHP programming


Desperate PHP developer… that’s what I am today… why ?

Due to an ugly PHP bug with PHP provided with FC6 (maybe on other distributions too). I already spent some time to find that it was a bug, previously I was using sqlite with the sqlite PHP functions, but since I use the FC6, to have the support of sqlite, PDO must be used… so I did !

But the records retrieved were always corrupted, the last character was always truncated !
I figured out that it was the bug number 9191, but there is still no resolution from the official fedora rpm’s 🙁
So, I decided to install extra rpm’s from Remi’s repository to upgrade my PHP to 5.2.0, and tadam it works !

But as I wrote before, it’s a bad day for PHP programming : the debbuger doesn’t work with that PHP version, I tried to compile it but I got errors…

My only solution is then to add an extra character on my insert statements and wait for a Fedora PHP update to resolve this or wait for a dbg version for 5.2.x

A really bad day…

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