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MySQL Clients and emojis !

As you probably already know, MySQL 8.0 supports Unicode 9.0 and our default charset moved from latin1 to utf8mb4. Recently, Gabi (certainly working on an amazing presentation for PHPWorld) asked me something about how the client deals with the emojis while checking Morgo’s post about 8.0 RC1. I didn’t know the answer and had to play with it, here is … Read More

MySQL InnoDB Cluster: how to handle performance issue on one member ?

  Sometimes when you are using a MySQL InnoDB Cluster, you might encounter some performance issue because one node becomes dramatically slow. Why ? First of all, why ? A node can apply the transactions slower than the other nodes for many different reasons. The most frequents are for example, slower disks (remember, it’s advised to have nodes with the … Read More

MySQL 8.0 Atomic DDL – behavior change

In MySQL 8.0, we have now a new way of storing tables definitions: the Data Dictionary  ! Thanks to the Data Dictionary, DDLs in MySQL 8.0 are now Atomic. This means tat we have some changes in the behavior of the following DDLs for engines supporting  atomic DDL: DROP TABLES <tables> – All tables will be dropped, or none are … Read More

Migrating to MySQL 8.0 for WordPress – episode 3: query optimization

Now that MySQL 8.0.3 RC1 is installed and that we saw how to verify the workload, it’s time to see if we can optimize some of the queries. As explained before, rewriting queries when using a product like WordPress is complicated but maybe we can do something for the indexes ? So, do you remember how to check the query … Read More

Migrating to MySQL 8.0 for WordPress – episode 2: workload analysis

Now that MySQL is upgraded to 8.0 RC1, let’s have a look on how we could check the workload and see if we can optimize something by adding indexes for example. The same technique can be used to find inefficient queries requiring rewriting. The first thing we will check is some information regarding the usage of the user used for … Read More


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