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MySQL 8.0 : Data Locking Visibility

With MySQL 8.0, engineers improved the visibility of data locking. Usually it was not that easy to deal with the output of SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS and mixing Information_Schema tables like INNODB_LOCKS and INNODB_LOCK_WAITS. So in MySQL 8.0 we instrument data locks in Performance_Schema and we changed the SYS Schema view related to the InnoDB Locks Wait too. This means … Read More

MySQL 8.0: Listing Roles

As you may already know, MySQL 8.0 is coming with SQL Roles . I’ve already quoted them before in some posts (here and here). Giuseppe Maxia is doing a great job testing and promoting them (thank you for that!). Of course he also made some remarks on things he would have done differently. The main point is about making the … Read More

MySQL 8.0 Histograms

Prior to MySQL 8.0, MySQL was missing a very well know feature in other RDBMS: optimizer histograms. The Optimizer Team implemented this feature as more and more MySQL DBAs were requesting it. Definition But what are histograms ? For wikipedia, a histogram is an accurate representation of the distribution of numerical data. For RDBMS, a histogram is an approximation of … Read More

Oracle Open World Call for Papers is open !

Today the call for participation for Oracle Open World 2018 has started. The 2018’s edition will take place in San Francisco as usual, from October 22nd to 25th. As every year, MySQL will be present and if you want to participate, we encourage you to submit a session. We encourage the submission on the following topics: case studies / user … Read More

How to safely upgrade to MySQL 8.0 ?

As for each previous version, to upgrade to MySQL 8.0 you must first read the upgrade section in the manual. It’s important to know that you should upgrade without skipping a major version, so upgrade from 5.6 to 8.0 is not supported neither recommended. Please also note that upgrades from any MySQL 8.0 RC won’t work. We support upgrade process … Read More


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