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Migrating to MySQL 8.0 without breaking old application

Recently I blogged about the new default authentication plugin in MySQL 8.0 and I got some comments complaining that this new authentication plugin is breaking half of applications. So first of all, if you are using an old connector or a connector (like the one for Go) not yet supporting caching_sha2_passwordas authentication plugin, you are still able to use the old … Read More

MySQL 8.0 : Digest Query Samples in Performance_Schema

Today, yet another blog post about improvements in MySQL 8.0 related to Performance_Schema. Before MySQL 8.0 it was not always easy to get an example of the queries you could find in Performance_Schema when looking for statements summaries. You had to link several tables (even from sys) to achieve this goal as I explained it in this post. Now in … Read More

MySQL 8.0 : New Error Logging

With MySQL 8.0, the error logging subsystem has been redesigned to use the new component architecture. Thanks to this new redesign, now the log events can be filtered, the output can be sent to multiple destinations (different formats like JSON). All that is controlled by system variables. This work gives the possibility for a log event to become the raw … Read More

MySQL 8.0 : meta-data added to Performance_Schema’s Instruments

In MySQL 8.0, the engineers have added useful meta-data to the table SETUP_INSTRUMENT. This table lists the classes of instrumented objects for which events can be collected. To the NAME, ENABLES and TIMED columns, were added PROPERTIES, VOLATILITY and DOCUMENTATION. Let’s have a quick look at these new columns: PROPERTIES can have the following values global_statistics: only global summaries are … Read More

MySQL : command delimiter curiosity – go & ego

Recently, I received a question related to GO as delimter to send a query. The user got some generated statements from a third party tool that looked like this:


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