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Add your favorite webradio in Rhythmbox

If like me you like to listen radio while working on your computer but you don't like to have it open on a webpage. And if you find very useful the way how rhythmbox mutes itself when you get a call, you need then to add your radio in your favourite audio program. The problem is that it's not always obvious to find the url to use for the radio media. So this is how to proceed:
  • you need to install ngrep
  • run it like this :
       ngrep -d p3p1 -lqi -p -W none ^get\|^post tcp dst port 80
    (-d p3p1 is used to specify the interface if you have multiple choices)
  • open in your browser the page you use to listen the radio usually
  • find the stream you are looking for in ngrep's output:
  • add it to rhythmbox and you are done ;)

GTG 0.3

Getting Things GNOME! has been released on November 6th but I was able to test it only tonight ;-) So far, I'm very pleased by this release and to be honest this seems to be the first time synchronization with Remember the Milk is working (I used it on my n900 and I plan to use it know on my android.... but I need to wait 22h before next sync) I've also installed the integration with gnome-shell very quickly and it seems awesome ! The development team as done a very nice job... If you plan to test it, I've packaged this release for Fedora 17.

new professional perspective

For nearly 4 years, I invested myself in the growth of Inuits. At the beginning we were 5 to believe in this project and now, 4 years afterwards, Inuits has become the Belgian reference in the world of open-source consultancy companies. We started in Flanders, then in Wallonia with Esquimaux and now in the Netherlands with Eskimo (and I think it won't stop there). Having the feeling of the achieved duty, I had opportunity of working for a company which, for me, represents most the open-source point of views, of technical excellence and the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I was honored when Percona showed interest in me and I thus decided for that new challenge! -- thanks to all my friends/former colleagues/collaborators who played the role of references ;-) -- I whish good luck to all my colleagues of Inuits/Esquimaux, I appreciate them very much. They can always count on me if they need help and I hope to see them all at Fosdem and other free software or devops conferences !! I'm also always available for a drink or for sushi's :-) I also really appreciated the 10 years collaboration in open-source I shared with Kris Buytaert (sdog) June 16th will be my first day in my new position ! Percona here I come ;-)

My new phone

I'm very happy to present you my new phone : I was hesitating between an iphone, an android or an openmoko... but the first two were not following the standards I was expecting, the last one was not stable enough. This one is compatible with all the software I use every day and follows real standards !! I can sync now !

My knee

My knee is the culprit of my absence on the Net (irc, jabber, blog, comments) these days. I underwent a rebuilding (transplant) of the former cross ligament :-( So I'll not be active on the Net still for a while...

New blog

Hello as you can see, I'm moving my old websites, I'm "consolidating" my old plain html and my blog in dotclear to drupal. But I don't have a lot of time, the migration would take some time...

I’m a Fonero

and even more a free fonero...

I finally found time to hack my La Fonera (www.fon.com), of course I don't want/plan to replace the firmware of my La Fonera, it would be an injustice to install a relgular OpenWRT firmware on it, I had to do it because I'd modify the dns search of the lan and the dns provided by the dhcp from this small box.

The hard reality of Belgium

I spend in average 1/6 of a day on in my car ! With all the disadvantages of that : backache, stress and the most... wasting my time :-(

I've tried to leave at every hour, early morning :

late :

always with the same result :

Back to my blog

As I received too much spam as comment into my blog, I decided to remove that feature and I decided also to "blog back". Something I would like to share with all the rock'n'roll fans around is the podcasting(1) of very interesting emission of Classic 21.

I advise the "Making Of", the "Journal du Rock" and "Classic 21 Rocks". To read those podcast I use iPodder(2).

(1) Classic 21 podcasting

(2) iPodder