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New blog

Hello as you can see, I’m moving my old websites, I’m “consolidating” my old plain html and my blog in dotclear to drupal.

But I don’t have a lot of time, the migration would take some time…

I’m a Fonero

and even more a free fonero…

I finally found time to hack my La Fonera (www.fon.com), of course I don’t want/plan to replace the firmware of my La Fonera, it would be an injustice to install a relgular OpenWRT firmware on it, I had to do it because I’d modify the dns search of the lan and the dns provided by the dhcp from this small box.

Shame on Novell !

Shame on Novell that help M$ to deploy its non-iso standard proprietary file format ! I can’t believe that Novell has its own fork of OOorg to support M$ !

From Novell Boosts OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Office Interoperability :

Novell today announced that the Novell

The hard reality of Belgium

I spend in average 1/6 of a day on in my car ! With all the disadvantages of that : backache, stress and the most… wasting my time 🙁

I’ve tried to leave at every hour, early morning :

late :

always with the same result :

Back to my blog

As I received too much spam as comment into my blog, I decided to remove that feature and I decided also to “blog back”. Something I would like to share with all the rock’n’roll fans around is the podcasting(1) of very interesting emission of Classic 21.

I advise the “Making Of”, the “Journal du Rock” and “Classic 21 Rocks”. To read those podcast I use iPodder(2).

(1) Classic 21 podcasting

(2) iPodder

I deeply value the diversity of MySQL developers, users, community and my blog readers. I cannot agree the suffering, oppression, and systemic racism the Black community faces every day. Black lives matter.