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For nearly 4 years, I invested myself in the growth of Inuits.

At the beginning we were 5 to believe in this project and now,
4 years afterwards, Inuits has become the Belgian reference in the world
of open-source consultancy companies.

We started in Flanders, then in Wallonia with Esquimaux and now in
the Netherlands with Eskimo (and I think it won’t stop there).

Having the feeling of the achieved duty, I had opportunity of working
for a company which, for me, represents most the open-source point
of views, of technical excellence and the opportunity to spend more time with my family.

I was honored when Percona showed interest in me and I thus decided
for that new challenge! — thanks to all my friends/former
colleagues/collaborators who played the role of references πŸ˜‰ —

I whish good luck to all my colleagues of Inuits/Esquimaux,
I appreciate them very much. They can always count on me if
they need help and I hope to see them all at Fosdem and other
free software or devops conferences !!

I’m also always available for a drink or for sushi’s πŸ™‚

I also really appreciated the 10 years collaboration in open-source
I shared with Kris Buytaert (sdog)

June 16th will be my first day in my new position !

Percona here I come πŸ˜‰

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