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MySQL Workbench & Performance_Schema

Last week during the Oracle Users Group Leaders Summit in Bucharest I had the pleasure the meet the leaders for the MySQL Users Group from Azerbaijan,  Finland, Madrid and the Netherlands. During some discussions, it appeared that some users are not aware of the Performance_Schema integration in MySQL Workbench. Indeed with WB you can enable PFS, add sys table if … Read More

sync_binlog = 1 in MySQL 5.7

As Morgan announced it his blog post related to new defaults in 5.7, in 5.7.7 and newer the default value of sync_binlog is now 1. This of course has an impact on performance especially if you don’t have fast storage like a RAID controller with a cache for example. Already in O’reilly High Performance MySQL, is was written that the … Read More

I joined the MySQL Community Team !

As some already noticed it, I’ve recently joined the amazing MySQL family in Oracle. I’m now part to the awesome MySQL Community Team and I will be mostly present in EMEA. Why did I make such change ? Oracle offered me the opportunity to work in a domain I really like and I was already trying to represent the MySQL … Read More

Advanced Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Nutshell, La Suite: Hands-on Tutorial (Not for Beginners!)

Also during Percona Live with my colleague Kenny Gryp, we delivered a tutorial on Percona XtraDB Cluster (Galera) These are the slides:   Advanced percona xtra db cluster in a nutshell… la suite plsc2016 from Frédéric Descamps

Galera Replication Demystified: How Does It Work?

At Percona Live 2016, I presented a talk related to Galera. I tried to explain what’s really behind the magic. I think it’s essential for all who want to use Galera replication in MySQL to understand all these concepts. These are the slides: Galera Replication Demystified: How Does It Work? from Frédéric Descamps    

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