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MySQL Community Reception at Oracle OpenWorld

During Oracle OpenWorld, on Tuesday, September 20th, at 7.00pm, the place to be will be at the MySQL Community Reception ! OpenWorld attendees, members of local MySQL user groups, MySQL users in the Bay Area – you’re all invited to Oracle’s MySQL Community Reception to meet the MySQL Team ! Mingle with your peers, run into old friends from around … Read More

Slides of yesterday’s presentations in Paris

Yesterday I was in Paris to attend a OpenTech Meetup related to MySQL. You can find below the two presentations I gave (Warning: in French). Haute disponibilité my sql avec group réplication from Frédéric Descamps MySQL 5.7 & JSON – Nouvelles opportunités pour les dévelopeurs from Frédéric Descamps The audience was very interested and I got several good questions. It … Read More

HA with MySQL Group Replication and ProxySQL

After having played with MySQL Group Replication and HAProxy, it’s time to show you how easy it’s to setup MySQL HA with ProxySQL. ProxySQL is a high performance open source proxy for MySQL. It has many features that invite you to discover on proxysql.com and on github. If you remember, I wrote in my last post that it is recommended … Read More

MySQL Group Replication as HA solution

MySQL Group Replication is just one component of the upcoming MySQL HA Solution as Matt Lord explained it in his GR quick start guide. So while mysql-router is back to school to become smarter and learn how to take the right decision we can already use existing 3rd party solutions. To be honest, if people are already using a load … Read More

Vagrant environment to test MySQL Group Replication 0.8

Vadim Tkachenko recently released  Docker images for Group Replication (thank you for that 😉 ). As not everybody is already using Docker or just because having multiple choices is also nice (this is an OpenSource world isn’t it ?), I decided to share a Vagrant environment that you can use to evaluate Group Replication. This environment provides also a module that … Read More

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