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How to copy a Schema using MySQL Shell Dump & Load Utility ?

Another common question I receive about MySQL Shell Dump & Load Utility is how to dump a schema and load it with another name. Make a copy in fact. Dumping the Schema To do so, we need to use the dumpTables() method: JS  util.dumpTables(“test”, [], “/tmp/dump”, {all: true}) It is important to notice that the second parameter is an … Read More

MySQL Shell Dump how to deal with array arguments in non-interactive mode

As you know, the best way to perform logical dump for MySQL is to use MySQL Shell Dump & Load utilities. This is the most powerful option as it can dump and load in parallel (it also include many options to migrate to MDS very easily and supports OCI Object Store too). One of the main question I receive related … Read More

Setup DR for your MySQL InnoDB Cluster

MySQL InnoDB Cluster is the High Availability solution for MySQL. It delivers automatic fail-over and guarantees zero data loss (RPO=0). RPO: Recovery Point Objective describes the interval of time that might pass during a disruption before the quantity of data lost during that period exceeds the Business Continuity Plan’s maximum allowable tolerance. Example: our business architecture needs to have RPO=2 … Read More

How to copy a MySQL user to OCI MDS ?

When you migrate to MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (MDS on OCI), the easiest, fastest and recommended way it to use MySQL Dump & Load Utility. For more information check these different links: https://mysqlserverteam.com/mysql-shell-dump-load-part-1-demo/ https://mysqlserverteam.com/mysql-shell-dump-load-part-2-benchmarks/ https://mysqlserverteam.com/mysql-shell-dump-load-part-3-load-dump/ https://docs.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/mysql-database/doc/importing-and-exporting-databases.html http://dasini.net/blog/2020/12/17/mysql-shell-the-new-era/ https://blogs.oracle.com/mysql/migrate-from-on-premise-mysql-to-mysql-database-service MySQL Shell performs all the checks required also for copying users to MDS when using util.dumpInstance()method. This is the … Read More

Using OpenVPN with MySQL Database Service

I’ve already provided some solutions to connect to your MDS instance, using MySQL Router, SSH tunnel, … but one of the best way if you have multiple instance to manage, is to use a VPN. This post summarize the steps on how to deploy Open VPN and configure your VCN to use it. So, in OCI, we have already some … Read More