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MySQL Group Replication as HA solution

MySQL Group Replication is just one component of the upcoming MySQL HA Solution as Matt Lord explained it in his GR quick start guide. So while mysql-router is back to school to become smarter and learn how to take the right decision we can already use existing 3rd party solutions. To be honest, if people are already using a load … Read More

Vagrant environment to test MySQL Group Replication 0.8

Vadim Tkachenko recently released  Docker images for Group Replication (thank you for that 😉 ). As not everybody is already using Docker or just because having multiple choices is also nice (this is an OpenSource world isn’t it ?), I decided to share a Vagrant environment that you can use to evaluate Group Replication. This environment provides also a module that … Read More

MySQL Team at Percona Live Amsterdam

From October 3rd to 5th, the MySQL Engineering and Community Team will be in Amsterdam to present MySQL 8.0 at Percona Live. The Conference Committee has rated all the numerous submissions and I’m very proud to announce that we will deliver the following 11 sessions: MySQL Group Replication in a nutshell: hands-on tutorial, by myself and Kenny Gryp, 3 October … Read More

MySQL Group Replication Beta 0.8 is out !

As announced by Luis Soares on MySQL High Availability’s blog, a new labs version of Group Replication (GR) has been released for MySQL 5.7.14 ! Group Replication is the main component of the future MySQL HA solution. Even if with GR, it’s possible to write simultaneously on all the member of the group, GR doesn’t provide any write scaling. Indeed, … Read More

MySQL Team’s submissions for Percona Live Amsterdam

Two weeks after the big annual event in San Francisco, Oracle Open World 2016 , September 18-22, there will be another MySQL focused event in Europe: Percona Live Amsterdam, October 3-5. The MySQL Engineering Team and Community Team will be present. We have submitted a list of very interesting talks, mostly related to the upcoming new major release of MySQL. … Read More

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