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PLMCE: SKySQL/MariaDB: my Digital Caricature

Once again MariaDB invited Doug Shannon from EventToons at their Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo‘s booth.

And once again he drew me.

This is the picture of last year:

and the one of this year:

The conclusion is simple: my beard narrowed and my face grew ! … is this a sign that I’m becoming old ? 😉

BTW, thx MariaDB‘s team for this nice and funny gift !

Add your favorite webradio in Rhythmbox

If like me you like to listen radio while working on your computer but you don’t like to have it open on a webpage. And if you find very useful the way how rhythmbox mutes itself when you get a call, you need then to add your radio in your favourite audio program.

The problem is that it’s not always obvious to find the url to use for the radio media.

So this is how to proceed:

  • you need to install ngrep
  • run it like this :

    ngrep -d p3p1 -lqi -p -W none ^get\|^post tcp dst port 80

    (-d p3p1 is used to specify the interface if you have multiple choices)

  • open in your browser the page you use to listen the radio usually
  • find the stream you are looking for in ngrep’s output:
  • add it to rhythmbox and you are done 😉

April 1st

My contribution to this heavy day for our rss readers is:

The April’s Fool Centipede !

.:/ .:/ .:/ ,,///;, ,;/,,///;, ,;/,,///;, ,;/ o:::::::;;///o:::::::;;///o:::::::;;/// >::::::::;;\\\::::::::;;\\\::::::::;;\\\ ''\\\\\'" ';\''\\\\\'" ';\''\\\\\'" ';\

beware, don’t believe all news today 🙂

Loadays – part 2

This post is dedicated to sdog

and of course toi (the lord of sushi’s) enjoyed it !

The place : zaowang – Antwerpen

Create your O’reilly book cover ;)

This is the cover of my first book :

Feel free to create your own on O’Reilly Maker

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