MySQL Day – Sessions review #8

Let’s finish this pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day Sessions review week with Norvald Ryeng‘s talk on MySQL 8.0 and GIS.

As you know pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day will take place on Friday February 3rd in Brussels. During this day dedicated to MySQL and focusing on 8.0, Norvald will be on stage at 16.50 to check if you are ready for MySQL 8.0’s  GIS implementation.

Many great things are happening to GIS in MySQL 8.0. But in order to move forward, we also have to break legacy behavior. What will change? How? Why? And what can I do to avoid problems when I upgrade?

Join Norvald for a tour of changes and recommendations that you can start following today to make your data and applications ready for the future.
If you use GIS functionality in MySQL today, this is is a talk you shouldn’t miss! This talk is also for you if you’re interested in the future of GIS in MySQL, or just generally interested in how new functionality, legacy behavior, and upgrade problems are connected.

Norvald has been working as a software engineer on the MySQL Optimizer Team since 2011, working primarily with GIS. Also point of contact for package maintainers in Linux distributions.

During the pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day, a lot of MySQL Engineers will be present, on stage or in the audience, don’t hesitate to meet them and ask them all the questions you want. They will also be around during the MySQL and Friends Devroom at FOSDEM and at the amazing MySQL Community Dinner.

Register to this pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day !

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