From email to myTinyTodo

Usually, I receive a lot of emails, and sometimes I read them on my phone and then… I forgot about them.. (shame on me).

On my Linux desktop, I used to use Get Things Gnome for a long time, due to the declining appeal of the project and the end of the extension for Thunderbird, I found it less and less useful.

I was then looking for a solution to have my todolist accessible from everywhere and that I could manage it myself, not hosted somewhere.

I found a very nice, fast and practical project that was easy to deploy and was using MySQL as backend: myTinyTodo.

However, I was missing the possibility to easily create a new task from an email (and especially on my phone).

This is why I decided to write a script that would perform exactly what I was looking for and integrated it with myTinyTodo.

mail2todo was born !

This script reads the emails from a dedicated imap account and populate the MySQL database used by myTinyTodo.

I really like how tags where handled in Get Things Gnome, so I used the same behavior:

This script is doing exactly what I needed !

The requirements are simple:

The code can be improved but currently it does what I need and this is why I decided to share it. You can also see how easy it’s to work with the mysqlx module even to handle only SQL queries.

Enjoy MySQL, Python, the X Protocol and myTinytodo !

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