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Some point of vue to share about instant messagers and the discovery of a new one...

hello dear blog !

To chat I use since ever irc, and I'm very happy with it ! I convinced my family and some friends to join me on irc, and since 3 or 4 years we nerver had any problems... they even think it's very usefull. But (yes there is always a but...) many other friends or relative are using others (non-)operating systems than mine and they don't even want to use IRC (loosers ! :( ) I've tryed many of them :

  • yahoo : it was funny but I don't remember why I forget it somewhere after a new install...
  • gnommeeting : cool project, with webcam support ! ... but many windope users cannot talk we me, and the firewall configuration musts change if I change pc... a bit wierd :(
  • jabber : yeah opensource, nice, etc... but... (again that but!) nobody I know use it !
  • gaim : it's cool, but it has many missing features to talk with M$N users... we arrived at the point...

Many users are using M$N :( So I decided to have a look at :

  • amsn : I'm still using this one, even if there is no webcam support, it supports emoticons ;-)

Now many M$N users use still new features like wizz(?) I don't even know what is, but amsn use it in the cvs version, I should test this...

So looking on the web I found this project : mercury, the screenshots sound great, with webcam support !! but... I never used it, I'll try it and keep you inform...

Finaly I'm still using :

  • skype: and I find this project very nice even if is not opensource :-S

So leave me comments with maybe your experiences on this topic.

lefred ;-)

Welcome to my blog

As requested by sdog to populate our future, I created my blog.

I'll try to keep it updated as possible. Now let's try it and check the possibilities of this blog engine...

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