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New blog !

Hi, I’ve finally decided to upgrade my old drupal 6.x blog… I tried Drupal 8, but to be honest I finally migrated to WordPress. WordPress is more easy to maintain, to deal with and also it has a nice Mobile…

Comments will need approval from now

As this blog is now hammered by spam spam spam, I decided to disable the publication of comments without approval. Even with Mollon, this is becoming a nightmare ! Sorry for the annoyance, but there is no alternative currently. Thank you for your understanding.

Sooner is better….

Since always, I believe that the best way of educating people to use and think opensource, this should happen early at school. M$ knows that and since long time now they provide computers for schools, adult users of tomorrow are the children of today. M$ now starts even earlier, look at this ! Bah... I've already a bunch of books with penguins for my daughter ;-)

New blog

Hello as you can see, I'm moving my old websites, I'm "consolidating" my old plain html and my blog in dotclear to drupal. But I don't have a lot of time, the migration would take some time...