MySQL Team speaking at Percona Live Dublin 2017

From September 25th to 27th 2017, the MySQL engineers and community team will be speaking at Percona Live Europe in Dublin.

MySQL is also part of the contributing sponsors.

For the conference, we tried to bring new faces to the Community. Usually, it’s always the same famous team leaders speaking at the conferences, this time, it’s not. A lot of key developers will present their own work. We have so much talented people in MySQL we want to present to our community.

Of course, once again we will focus our talks on MySQL 8.0. This is the list of sessions the MySQL Team will deliver:

Monday, Sep 25th

On Monday, I will deliver a tutorial with my friend Kenny from Percona. We will focus on the migration from a Master/Slave environment to a MySQL InnoDB Cluster running on MySQL 8.0. We will also highlight the last changes in Group Replication. Bring your laptop with Virtual Box 5.1 if you plan to attend it.

Tuesday, Sep 26th

Wednesday, Sep 27th

Geir will be part of the keynote this time to tell us about the current state of Sakila. I’ll also have the pleasure to deliver a session and a demo with Jan.

I’m really looking forward this now usual European conference but in a new location as after London and Amsterdam, Dublin has been chosen to host it.

Don’t forget to also come to meet the MySQL Team during the Community Dinner !

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