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smartshine for Fedora 19

This morning I read about smartshine on this blogpost.

I wanted to test it but it isn’t packaged in Fedora… That means i created a package for smartshine and aaphoto, a dependency.


hamster-time-tracker for Fedora 19

Since last week-end I’m using Fedora 19 (beta) on both my machines (macbook air and imac). Everything good so far, Some changes for the macbook air, but this will be another post.

I’ve then build a new rpm for hamster-time-tracker (1.03.3).

Enjoy !

hamster-time-tracker for Fedora 18

To track my time I used hamster-applet with the previous version of Fedora and I really liked it. It integrates perfectly with gtg.

This project hasn’t be ported to Fedora 18, see bug 882788. I decided then to package the latest version of the project.

The git repo is available here.

You can see some screenshots here.

If you enjoy or discover this cool project, I’m happy to make it available for Fedora 18.

[UPDATE] I added the packages for F19 😉

GTG 0.3

Getting Things GNOME! has been released on November 6th but I was able to test it only tonight 😉

So far, I’m very pleased by this release and to be honest this seems to be the first time synchronization with Remember the Milk is working (I used it on my n900 and I plan to use it know on my android…. but I need to wait 22h before next sync)

I’ve also installed the integration with gnome-shell very quickly and it seems awesome !

The development team as done a very nice job…

If you plan to test it, I’ve packaged this release for Fedora 17.

Fedora on mac book (air) : wireless and kernel 2.6.40-4.fc15

If like me you are using Fedora on your mac book, after the week-end and in case of reboot, your wifi should not work any more 🙁

Good, news, it’s easy to fix, just add the following line to /etc/modprobe.d/broadcom-wl-blacklist.conf

blacklist bcma

Restart and enjoy wifi back 😉

ps: of course you need to use: