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NetworkManager, OpenVPN on Fedora 21

On openvpn setups where MD5 is still in use with the SSL certificate, it’s now impossible to connect when you are in Fedora 21.

To allow openvpn client to connect to such VPN using NetworkManager, you need to modify /usr/lib/systemd/system/NetworkManager.service and add the following two lines in [Service] section:


Restart the service and it will work 😉

Get Things Gnome : synchronize multiple computers

Since many years now I use GTG to manage my todo lists. (it can even be ).

I tried to use Remember The Milk service to sync my laptop and my desktop but it wasn’t really working well. Then I discovered a nice project : GTGonline, a Django project that allows the synchronization to and from GTG via a backend called backend_gtgonline.

I forked the project to create a branch (that will never be merged it seems) to not hardcode the
url of the service as I host my own version of GTGonline backend.

My branch is https://github.com/lefred/backend_gtgonline/tree/service-url and I also provide a rpm package for Ferdora 20.

golden cage’s phone supported in Fedora 20

If you want to be able to use an iPhone with Fedora 20 to copy photos or songs, you will need to upgrade libimobiledevice to 1.1.6. If you don’t on the phone you will be constantly prompted to trust or not the computer:

You can find the rpms for libimobiledevice 1.1.6 here.

sysbench 0.5 rev 119

I recreated rpms for the latest revision (119) of sysbench.

I made them available for Fedora 19 and CentOS 6.

Enjoy !

smartshine for Fedora 19

This morning I read about smartshine on this blogpost.

I wanted to test it but it isn’t packaged in Fedora… That means i created a package for smartshine and aaphoto, a dependency.



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