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Jeudis du Libre – Mons

Yesterday I was invited to speak at the “Jeudis du Libre” in Mons. The location was very special as it was in one auditorium of Polytech, the oldest university in the city of Mons. I presented in French two very hot topics in the MySQL ecosystem: MySQL InnoDB Cluster MySQL as Document Store with JSON datatype & X plugin Those … Read More

Slides of yesterday’s presentations in Paris

Yesterday I was in Paris to attend a OpenTech Meetup related to MySQL. You can find below the two presentations I gave (Warning: in French). Haute disponibilité my sql avec group réplication from Frédéric Descamps MySQL 5.7 & JSON – Nouvelles opportunités pour les dévelopeurs from Frédéric Descamps The audience was very interested and I got several good questions. It … Read More


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