sysbench 1.1.0 rpm with SSL support

For a future article, I was again looking into the possibility of using sysbench to generate data and load on a MySQL database. However, I needed an SSL connection which only version 1.1.0 supports (see issue 308).

Alexey didn’t create a branch and/or release for the version 1.1.0. The code is the master branch.

As you know, I like to install software using the Operating System’s packaging and so I created a rpm for sysbench 1.1.0.

If you are also interested to use this version, here are the rpms for some popular OS and architecture (including Arm):

Now you can use sysbench with the --mysql-ssl option (see the MySQL manual for valid values):

$ sysbench /usr/share/sysbench/oltp_insert.lua --db-driver=mysql \
          --mysql-host=mysql02 --mysql-user=myadmin \
          --mysql-password='Passw0rd!' \
          --table-size=100000  --tables=8 \
          --mysql-ssl=REQUIRED  --threads=2 --rate=8 \
          --report-interval=1  --time=0 run

And we can verify this:

 SQL > SELECT variable_value AS tls_version, processlist_user AS
              user, processlist_host AS host 
       FROM  performance_schema.status_by_thread  AS sbt 
       JOIN  performance_schema.threads  AS t 
         ON t.thread_id = sbt.thread_id 
      WHERE variable_name = 'Ssl_version' AND 
      ORDER BY tls_version ;
| tls_version | user    | host           |
| TLSv1.2     | myadmin | |
| TLSv1.2     | myadmin | |
| TLSv1.2     | myadmin | |

Enjoy MySQL and Sysbench with SSL !

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  1. Any hope for el9 package? Thank you for providing these. I wish the project maintainer would do an official release on github.

  2. It’s unable to setup sysbench in case of percona mysql 8.0.
    dnf error is:
    – nothing provides mysql-community-libs > 8.0.30 needed by sysbench-1.1.0-2.el9.x86_64
    Can you provide the SRPM file for it?

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