preFOSDEM MySQL Days 2023 – the Agenda

As you know, before FOSDEM, the MySQL Community Team organizes a 2 days conference in Brussels.

During these preFOSDEM MySQL Days, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about MySQL from Oracle’s MySQL teams and selected professionals from the MySQL community.

Here is the agenda:

Thursday 2nd February

Registration starts at 09:00 AM.

09:30 AM10:00 AMWelcome to preFOSDEM MySQL DayslefredOracle
10:00 AM11:00 AMWhat’s new in MySQL until 8.0.32Kenny GrypOracle
11:00:00 AM11:30 AMCoffee Break
11:30 AM12:00 PMIdeal Techniques for making Major MySQL Upgrades easier !Arunjith AravidanPercona
12:10 PM12:40 AMIntroduction to MySQL Shell for VS CodeKenny GrypOracle
12:40 PM01:40 PMLunch Break
01:40 PM02:10 PMAll about MySQL Table CacheDmitry LenevPercona
02:20 PM02:50 PMMySQL 8.0 – Dynamic InnoDB Redo LoglefredOracle
03:00 PM03:30 PMMySQL HeatWave for OLTP – Overview and what’s newLuis SoaresOracle
03:30 PM04:00 PMCoffee Break
04:00 PM04:30 PMMySQL HeatWave for OLAP – What is possible today (and what is not)Castern ThalheimerOracle
04:40 PM5:10 PMHow Vitess Achieves consensus with replicated MySQLDeepthi SigireddiVitess
05:10 PM5:30 PMEnd of the day

Friday 3rd February

Registration starts at 09:00 AM.

09:30 AM10:20 AMMySQL High Availability and Disaster RecoveryMiguel Araújo & Kenny GrypOracle
10:30 AM11:00 AMMigrate from MySQL Galera Base Solution to MySQL Group ReplicationMarco TusaPercona
11:00:00 AM11:30 AMCoffee Break
11:30 AM12:00 PMWhat’s new in ProxySQL 2.5René CannaòProxySQL
12:10 PM12:40 AMMySQL HeatWave Lakehouse DemoCastern ThalheimerOracle
12:40 PM01:40 PMLunch Break
01:40 PM02:10 PMWhat we can know with Performance Schema in MySQL 8.0Vinicius GrippaPercona
02:20 PM03:20 PMMigration to MySQL Group Replication at thoughts & experiencesSimon J
03:30 PM04:00 PMCoffee Break
04:00 PM04:30 PM11 Reasons to Migrate to MySQL 8Peter ZaitsevPercona
04:40 PM5:10 PMObservability and operability of replication in MySQL 8.0Luis SoaresOracle
05:30 PM06:00 PMEnd of the day++ (awards??)
6:00 PM7:00 PMFree Time and Q&A
7:00 PMlateMySQL Community DinnerParty-Squad

Please register for this in person and free conference, only people with a ticket will be allowed to attend.

After the conference, the Belgian Party-Squad will host the traditional MySQL Community Dinner. Don’t hesitate to register for this amazing event, a unique opportunity to chat with MySQL developers and MySQL professionals over Belgian food and beers.

The Community Dinner must also be ordered separately here:

And finally, Sunday afternoon, don’t miss FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom !

See you soon in Belgium !

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