preFOSDEM MySQL Days 2023 Recap

In 2023, FOSDEM returned as an in-person conference after being virtual for 2 years. With this comeback, the MySQL Team once again hosted the very popular preFOSDEM MySQL Days, a side event we have been doing since 2018.

It was a blast ! It was great to see so many friends of MySQL in person. For two days, we learned from each others, we shared experiences and had a great Community Dinner.

We had a great turnout and a full house for both days.

Compared to previous years, this one was even denser and each presentation captured the attention of the audience who responded with many questions. There was plenty of technical discussion and debate. It was a great and unique experience for both speakers and participants.

Customers and famous Community Members joined the MySQL Team to offer some very passionate talks. Thank you for that!

To be honest, we received more valuable feedback in these two days, than in 2 years of virtual conferences. Thank you for that too!

The atmosphere was unique and it seemed that everybody was enjoying being there to meet each other, and also to benefit from the technical sessions and experience of the speakers.

It was great so see how uses MySQL Group Replication with MySQL Shell adminAPI… everything is automated. In fact, they use MySQL InnoDB Cluster without Router. High Availability is always a hot topic, as illustrated in the sessions by Deepthi from Vitess, Marco from Percona and Miguel & Kenny from MySQL, and all the discussions that followed.

We also had a chance to have a couple of sessions on MySQL HeatWave for OLTP by Luis. Carsten presented the MySQL HeatWave for OLAP and demonstrated the analytical acceleration engine. He also ended his session with a demonstration of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, soon to be available in OCI.

Of course we also discussed about MySQL 8.0.

The slides for the two days are available on

The conference concluded with the presentation of the MySQL Rockstar 2022 awards followed by the traditional MySQL Community Dinner.

We saw a lot of posts on social media showing how much you enjoyed the event.

We already set the date for next year !

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