pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day – change in the schedule

One of the talk will replaced in the schedule by a panel discussion moderated by Morgan Tocker on MySQL Group Replication & MySQL 8.0.

The panel list will be composed of

Kenny Gryp
Kenny Gryp
René Cannaò
René Cannaò
Øystein Grøvlen
Øystein Grøvlen
Mark Leith
Mark Leith
Frédéric Descamps
Frédéric Descamps





These experts will answer questions from Morgan and from the audience.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to ask your questions and participate to this discussion about MySQL.

The schedule:

Start End Event Speaker Company Topic

Friday 3rd February

09:30 10:00 Welcome !
10:00 10:25 MySQL 8.0: Server Defaults – An overview of what settings have changed or are under consideration Morgan Tocker Oracle MySQL 8.0
10:30 10:55 MySQL 8.0: Unicode – What, why and how Bernt Marius Johnsen Oracle MySQL 8.0
11:00 11:25 MySQL 8.0: Common Table Expressions (CTEs) Øystein Grøvlen Oracle MySQL 8.0
11:30 11:55 Group Replication Kenny Gryp Percona Group Replication
12:05 12:30 How avoids and deals with replication lag Jean-François Gagné Replication
12:30 13:15 Lunch
13:15 14:10 Panel discussion on MySQL Group Replication & MySQL 8.0 MySQL 8.0 & GR
14:15 14:40 MySQL 8.0: Window functions – finally! Dag H. Wanvik Oracle MySQL 8.0
14:45 15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 15:25 Using Optimizer Hints to Improve MySQL Query Performance Øystein Grøvlen Oracle MySQL 8.0
15:30 15:45 Monitoring without looking at MySQL Jean-François Gagné Fun, Sport, Not-MySQL
15:50 16:15 What you wanted to know about your MySQL Server instance, but could not find using internal instrumentation only Sveta Smirnova Percona Troubleshooting
16:20 16:45 ProxySQL Use Case Scenarios Alkin Percona ProxySQL
16:50 17:15 MySQL 8.0: GIS – Are you ready ? Norvald H. Ryeng Oracle MysQL 8.0

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