MySQL Shell Plugins: InnoDB


Today, we will cover a totally different MySQL Shell plugin: InnoDB.

Currently only 3 methods have been created:

Those related to the Table space fragmentation, have already been covered in this recent article.

Let’s discover the getAlterProgress()method. This method allows us to have an overview of the progress of some alter statements status like:

  • stage/innodb/alter table (end)
  • stage/innodb/alter table (flush)
  • stage/innodb/alter table (insert)
  • stage/innodb/alter table (log apply index)
  • stage/innodb/alter table (log apply table)
  • stage/innodb/alter table (merge sort)
  • stage/innodb/alter table (read PK and internal sort)
  • stage/innodb/alter tablespace (encryption)

This is an output of the method:

As you can see, the plugin displays an estimation of the % progress of the alter statement.

I’ve also created an User-Defined Report to display the same output continuously:

But of course, the report needs to have all the required instruments and consumers enabled. The plugin can enable them for you:

Once again, you have an overview of how useful is the MySQL Shell for a MySQL DBA’s daily tasks.

The code of the plugin is available here:

And the code of the User-Defined Reports are also on github:

Don’t forget that it’s time to upgrade to MySQL 8.0 #MySQL8isGreat

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